COVID-19 and It’s Psychological Impact on all of Us

Like the rest of the world, South Africa has been turned topsy–turvy by the COVID–19 pandemic. The lockdown initiative was taken to reinforce social distancing with the intention to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The lockdown and its uncertain future, however, have affected each of us at some level: we are experiencing various degrees of anxiety, stress, unrest, fear, loneliness, emptiness, depression, grief or even trauma.

While it is understandable to have these feelings, given the unprecedented nature of the crisis, it is critical that we all learn skills to cope with, and take actions that will mitigate the psychological impact of the COVID–19. Each of us should look after our own mental health but we also need to check that our family and friends are coping too.

South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) in partnership with Mail & Guardian Newspaper is hosting a series of M&G webinars kindly sponsored by Dr. Reddy’s to provide tips, tools, and coping measures for dealing with the psychological impact of COVID–19 and its unclear future. Our goal is to support all South Africans, of all ages, and especially those who already have existing health conditions, disabilities or a psychological diagnosis.

Join the webinar hosts as they unpack and decode the angst created by the surreal lockdown. Dr Frans Korb and Cassey Chambers will guide us through living in a COVID–19 world.

Dr. Frans Korb, Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist and Board Member of SADAG

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